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Dragons Rage is a comic about a world where dragons, humans, canines, felines, reptiles and other races are constantly warring each other.

Story and settingEdit

Setting Edit

The comic is set in a world called Azura, wich is at least five times bigger than earth. Azura has four continents, Celosia, Rhyolite, Gypsum and Arktos. Dragons, humans, canines, felines, reptiles, moles and several unindentified intelligent races live spread around the continents of azura, constantly engaging in conflict with one another. Each race was created by a god, wich the race worships, although it is not impossible to see a particular member of a race worshipping a different god.

Story Edit

Randgrior, the goddess who created the dragons, created a prophecy, wich stated that seven champions, all dragons from random species, would be born and would bring the balance of power back to the entire dragon race. Upon hearing this prophecy, the human race, aligned itself with the canines to exterminate all possible threats, leading to the extermination campaigns of the void, light and energy dragons.

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